Month: March 2013

SFML News – Week 11 (2013)

Although I probably shouldn’t start again with something new and rather try to get more of those computer science articles ready, I still had this funny idea of releasing ‘news’ articles on what has been happening in the SFML community. I’ll try to release weekly articles, but I don’t promise anything and I don’t even…

Recursive Algorithm

Now that we’ve looked at what an algorithm is, we can go a bit deeper and take on one of the most common section of algorithms: Recursion Recursive algorithms are actually quite easy to understand and we often use it intuitively in our daily life. Recursion only means, that a function calls itself. To illustrate…

What are Algorithms?

Although I guess most of you know exactly what an algorithm is, I felt anyways that I needed to give a small definition, before I’ll be able to cover specific (types) of algorithms. When dealing with problems in computer science one generally looks at the ‘theory’ behind solving the problem and the actual implementation separately….